1 Day Gastronomic Delights of St.Petersburg!

1 Day Gastronomic Delights of St.Petersburg!

Bobcat Travel invites you to join this inspiring master class in delicious Russian cuisine!  

Surprise your friends and family back home with your skills in cooking new delicious and unique meals! 

This special one day tour can be added on to any European package or purchased as it’s self.

The day ahead

We will start our gastronomic day from a FOOD MARKET:

ru1Experience one of the city’s food markets where locals sell spare vegetables and fruit from their dacha (country house) plots, any vendor will be happy to let you taste their fruit before purchase… Here you can find imported very juicy watermelons, oranges, bananas… Take your time and select all fruit and vegetables yourself…

Go on and you will find more goods and products: dried fruit, cheeses, nuts, honey, meat from minced beef to lamb chops and other foods. You can usually bargain a bit over prices. Take your time and enjoy the talk with locals! Markets are colorful places to visit even if you do not need to buy.

The next stop of our tour is the famous “ELISEEVSKY” gastronome store:

eliseevskyThe modern “Eliseevsky” store is the sample of Russian merchant trade with correction for 21 century. Named in honour of its former owner and millionaire, Grigory Eliseev, the store became famous not only for its big variety of products, but for luxurious decoration of sales areas in Neo-Baroque taste.  Huge crystal chandeliers, reminding of bunches of grapes, decorate high arches of the sales area.

You will be delighted by the assortment of bread, pies, cakes, fancy cakes, exclusive hand-made chocolate from the own sweet-shop strike. The counter of “Cookery” offers plenty of ready made dishes, prepared by the house masters according to the European, Asian, Near-Eastern recipes and also Russian dishes:

  • “borsch” (beetroot soup) in Moscow way, salad in “Boyarsky” (noble) style, sturgeon in aspic, faintly-salted salmon, baked carp, chicken-roll

with prunes and cheese, mushrooms marinated, freshly-salted cucumbers, fermented tomatoes with nuts.


The counter of semi-prepared food of own production makes glad the connoisseurs of home food: cool rabbit, delicate sirloin, Australian marble beef, steak, beefsteak in Kazak way, cutlets in “Prazhsky” and “Balkansky”, home roast, meet, lamb with haricot in Mexican, cod in Polish style, pike-perch in Moldavian, sturgeon shashlik.

Finally we will arrive to a restaurant for a MASTER CLASS where you will learn the art of Russia’s unique cuisine:

ru2In a cozy, homely atmosphere of the restaurant the best chefs will teach you how to cook delicious dishes of Russian cuisine.

Sample Russian Menus (dishes vary according to the season and what food is available) may include:

  • Borsch, Tschi, Okroshka and variety of Russian soups;
  • Homemade cultels, pelmeni, vareniki;
  • Herring under “Fur Coat”, original Russian salad;
  • Russian Bakery: “Pirozhki”, “Vatrushki”, ‘Olad’i”;
  • Pancakes and sour cream “pirog” (cake) with berries

Know more, feel more!

St. Petersburg has always received special attention from the tourists. Unique monuments and palaces perfectly reveal the history and culture of one of the most beautiful and mysterious city in Russia. National cuisine is an important characteristic of any nation. However, if you ask a foreigner what he knows about Russian cuisine, the answers are quite predictable: caviar, pancakes and soup.

We are happy to see you in Russia!

Pricing for the programe

Euro  345  p/p (NET)
RATE for the tour for min 2 pax

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 
We will be happy to help you.

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