11 Days Explore China’s Wild West

11 Days Explore China’s Wild West

Beijing – Urumqi – Sayram Lake – Yining – Nalati Grassland – Bayinbuluke – Kuqa – Turpan – Urumqi – Beijing

Explore the west in its plethora of beautiful landscapes and ethnic cultures.  The Uyghur Autonomous Region is full of unforgettable mountains, lakes, and rivers which have been virtually untouched allowing you to see nature at its finest. Venture through the Bayanbulak Grassland, the Tianshan Mountain Range and the Taklamakan Dessert for starters.


Day 1

Arrive at the Beijing International Airport in order to catch a transfer flight to Urumqi, Xinjiang.

Day 2

On our first morning we will voyage to Yining by car. On route we will stop by Sayram Lake in order to enjoy the stunning scenery there.

Day 3

This morning we will take another journey this time to the Yili River Bridge.  Then visit one of the four largest grasslands in the world, the Nalati Grassland.

Day 4

Today we will enjoy splendid scenery on our drive through the Tianshan Range, literally meaning ‘celestial mountains’.  From here we will make our way to the Bayanbulak Grassland, what seems like infinite grassland but only amounts to be the second largest grassland in China. While we are here we will also visit the Bayanbulak Swan Lake, this lake is famous for housing an abundance of swans and 128 species of birds.

Day 5

This morning we will make our way to Kuqa, the heart of Buddhism on the Silk Road. Here we will visit the Dragon Lake in addition to the Tianshan Mountain Canyon

Day 6

Today we will take an excursion about seventy-five kilometers outside of Kuqa to visit the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves. Following we will visit the most famous of ancient ruins around Kuqa, the Sabashi Ruins. Then we will head
back to Kuqa to visit a local bazaar.

Day 7

Our next destination is Korla, only a drive away. On our journey there we will witness the picturesque view of the Taklamakan Desert and then we will stop to visit the Tiemen Pass before arriving to Korla.

Day 8

This Morning we will take yet another trip by private car but this time to Turpan, the hottest city in China, where we will head straight to the hotel for check in.

Day 9

This morning we will visit the Jiaohe Ruins, one of the best-preserved ancient cities in the world that was originally established to serve as barracks during the Han Dynasty. Following we will visit a distinctly Central Asian form of irrigation created by the people of Xinjiang and known as Karez or head well.

Next we will visit the biggest Pagoda in the province of Xinjiang, standing at 144 feet, the Sugong Pagoda.

Day 10

Today we will visit the Gaochang Ruins, once a Uighur capital until it burned in the fourteenth century. Then we will visit the Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves dating back to the 5th and 9th centuries. Lastly, the Flaming Mountains, famous for their heat and celebrated in both Han and Uighur classics.

Day 11

Enjoy the morning of leisure until it is time to go to the airport. Next destination is Beijing.

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